Who… Me?

My name is Waseem and I’ve been a Software Tester now for the past 7 years or so, with a focus towards the more technical aspects such as Test Development and DevOps.

Working in software, an industry where days can feel like weeks, and weeks can feel like years, it can sometimes feel difficult to keep up, whilst focusing on the things that provide value to you; as a tester as well as your employer.

My passion for improving myself has led me into areas I never thought I would need to learn let alone require.

The content posted here will essentially be my journey and experiences. What is that journey? Well, from a Computer Science graduate who didn’t really have a clue, to a more confident technical Test Developer.

They will not contain ready-made interview answers. (although there may be a section on that in the future). I personally find there are more than enough articles on the web that contain extremely accurate but in some cases less practical scenarios. A lot of them will definitely get you through an interview but provide little comfort when in a real work situation where you may be looking to provide some valuable input.

Hopefully, by reading some of my posts my points will become clearer…

For a more structured overview of my career to date, check out my LinkedIn profile


Why Simple Tester?

Sadly, I’m not one of those individuals who has a fine rousing story of falling in love with computers aged 3 when fiddling with a Commodore 64. My first console was a Sega Mega Drive 2 (yes the 2, with the red buttons!). I honestly didn’t care for anything beyond what was presented on the screen.

I completed a computer science degree and developed my passion after being introduced to the industry. I feel the tech industry is now becoming one where a wider range of people from different backgrounds are now involved. Many people I work with didn’t go through a formal computing-related education. My posts will definitely reflect that. I would like to hope anyone from any background who wants to learn a bit about software testing can get something from my posts.

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