Internet Explorer Emulation Feature


I find this feature extremely useful when I have to check an application against older versions of Internet Explorer.

Why might I need to use older versions of IE? I hardly ever test against the current version!

As the older version of IE get older, Microsoft eventually ceases support. As a result, they become a breeding ground for security vulnerabilities. consequently, many web applications will not be expected to support older versions of IE.

You would normally expect a static page to be displayed explaining why the site the user is trying to access is not being displayed.

I have personal experience when an application I was testing failed this basic test and the ‘go live’ date had to be rescheduled, so it’s definitely worth bearing in mind

In order to use this neat feature just open up a newer version of Internet Explorer. Hit the F12 key. The last tab to the right is where the emulation feature is kept.

Once you’re on the right tab you can select through a number of options.

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