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As testers, its often part of our job to provide screenshots, or i find it helps at least. Awesome screenshot is a nifty little chrome plugin that doesn’t do a whole lot, but i find it does exactly what i need when working with screenshots.

Above we have a screenshot of our homepage

Here we have that same image open within awesome screenshot. The top panel has most of the normally expected features such as cropping and adding texts etc.

In this example i’ve used some of the more slightly unique features. In particular i’m a fan of the ability to add number tags, this allows you to clearly identify areas of the page. The blurring element is also a neat feature when you maybe required to hide certain information.


The features on offer within awesome screenshot are nothing groundbreaking, but i have found it my go-to tool mainly due to its ease of use and focused application. As its a chrome plugin it works across any OS and provides a level of consistency that people come to expect whilst also appreciating.

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