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Maybe I’m the only one, but I have yet to memorise the syntax for steps required when matching feature files to step definitions. An accepted way to generate steps is to run the scenario and the console will then return the required steps. Although this a perfectly acceptable way, I’ve found myself using nice and tidy tool that allows me to generate steps with a little bit of added customisation.


Tidy Gherkin

Tidy Gherkin is a useful chrome plugin that can generate the code required in order to run your scenarios.

After writing your steps in plain English, the code can be generated in a number of languages popular with test automation. Further settings also allow you to configure the style in which the method is written, either Camel Case or Underscore Separated.


Installing Tidy Gherkin

Simply search for ‘Tidy Gherkin’ in the chrome web store and click install.

Once the app has been installed it can be useful to pin it to the task bar for easy access.





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